Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Uber Cup Celebration with Chinese Food

The Chinese women has achieved what their men failed to. Yes, Li Xuerui is very happy with 'Best' Uber Cup Performance. I really enjoyed watching the game. Hope you have not missed it either. The celebration in China was doubled with the favorite traditional Chinese food. Hope you enjoyed my blog Lantern Festival with with sweet and sour dumplings. Today we bring you with top Chinese recipes obviously after the number one dumplings. 

Rice noodle rolls :- If you love rice noodles, you are bound to love this very recipe. These are large sheets of rice noodle that are steamed. They are filled with bits of fried shrimp, beef or pork. They are rolled up and served with sweet soy sauce. Sesame seeds add to the flavor of the delightful treat. 
Deep-fried bacon-wrapped shrimp:- As the name indicates, shrimps are stuffed with pickled jalapenos, wrapped in bacon (whether it's of beef, chicken or pork) and then deep fried. It makes a great appetizers to be served on parties and occasions. It is chiefly accompanied by Chinese sauces.

Chinese broccoli:- Wanna have low-fat and low-carb food? Chinese broccoli is the answer to this. This vegetable is loaded with nutritional benefits. It absorbs Asian flavors and the fresh garlic and oyster sauce, satisfies the taste buds to the fullest. Enjoy the green crunchy broccoli treat. It is among the best stir-fry food!! 
Taro cake:- Taro cake is also known as yam cake and is one of most popular snacks in Hong Kong. These are dense and rectangular slabs of taro and rice flour that are pan fried. They are studded with bits of pork. The recipe is crispy outside and soft and mushy within. The cake is slightly sweeter than flavor of taro.

Fried sticky rice:- Fried rice is my all time favorite and I am sure it's your favorite too. Fried sticky rice is a bit different. It is traditionally steamed in lotus leaves and contains that mild soothing aroma. Then this rice is fried, making it easy to chew. It is studded with sweet and fatty bits of mushrooms, peanuts and Chinese sausage. Yummzz!!
 Enjoy the Chinese treat!!


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