Monday, 23 June 2014

Tips For Skincare in Summer

Summer is accompanied by summer grills, cocktails, fresh juices and mocktails. But never forget, it brings tanning, dehydration and special care needs to be taken for skin, hair etc as well.
Fresh Juices - Most of us have a habit of coming from the office and going directly to the freeze for some chilled aerated drinks. We must keep in mind that they have high sugar content, which is not good for your health. Summer is welcomed by number of fresh fruits such as watermelon, mangoes, melons, lychee etc. Try fresh juices or cool fruits. Enjoy coconut water or green mango drink to stay hydrated and keep your skin fresh as well. Try fresh juices or cool fruits. Enjoy coconut water and refreshing milkshakes or smoothies.

Protection from Sun - The sun rays are strongest in the afternoon. Stay indoors in the afternoon if possible. Never use sunscreen with too high SPF or too low SPF. Sunscreen with too high SPF, is very strong for your skin. Sunscreen with very low SPF may not be of any use as they are very mild. Go to you skin specialist to know what your skin actually needs. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you go out so that it goes into the skin pores for 100%results. 
Water Based Moisturizers and Toners - If your skin is too oily, use Oil-Free Water Based Moisturizers. There are number of Water Based Moisturizers available in the market ranging from dry to normal or oily skin. Using a skin-toner or rose water is advisable to keep the skin cool. It has natural cooling trait that is very good for the skin.
Be Hydrated -  We lose lot of moisture in summer. You must not let that glow go off your face. By drinking lot of water, skin stays soft, supple and well moisturized.
Cleansing and Scrubbing - We must cleanse our face twice a day. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin before sleeping is a must. It is important to use dead skin and dirt that goes into our pores due to sweat in summer. Exfoliation of skin is very important. Using herbal scrubs is advisable. Apply homemade face pack, that suits your skin after scrubbing the face. Various skin tan removal creams are available in the market. Use these creams to avoid tanning.
 Happy Summer :)

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