Thursday, 12 June 2014

Happy Father’s Day with Vegan Grill Ideas

My dad is vegan but is very fond of summer grills. I wanna prepare something unique on "Father's Day". Lets have a look at vegan grilling ideas today. Hope you liked my blog, Chill with 6 grills. Number of vegans are increasing rapidly day by day. Grilling has been pretty simple for the non-vegetarians. Just as meaty grills blend very well with marinated sauces, similarly grilled eggplant with cashew sauce is a perfect combination to try out. You wanna have a look at more of these substitutes, here we go..
So lets talk about Substitute:-
Substitute for Fish - Hope you've heard of nori sheets, wakame and dulse. They are salty and taste like seafood. Seafood like fish and shrimp can be easily replaced by these. Check out these following vegan grill. Yummzz!!
Substitute for Cheese - Soft cheese can be flavored in a number of ways. Instead of cheese we can use raw cashews. These cashews can be pureed and seasoned with water. It becomes thick and spreadable. The creamy sauce can be very well coated on any vegetables and even fruits. The cashew sauce can be made sweet and sour accordingly. Have a look at the vegan cashew sauce that satisfy your craving.
Substitute for Milk - We can blend grains, nuts or beans with water. With the appropriate proportion of these ingredients with water, a thick solution can stick on to our favorite vegetables or fruits. You can use your favorite grains. The coating is nutritious as well. I made bean sauce. 
Substitute of Egg - Tofu is a great substitute for cream cheese. Hope you liked my homemade vegan cream cheese. This is one method. The other method is that we can crumble sauteed tofu with turmeric. This adds color to it. Yuba a.k.a tofu skin, when wrapped around vegetables such as potatoes etc. taste similar to that of an omelette. My friend had tried this in his last summer grill party. 
Substitute for Meat - Mushrooms and porcini make great broths and vegetable stocks. These when coated with smoked paprika and other chili delight, make us forget our affair with the meat. Needless to say they are great replacement for all kinds of meat. Moreover I just love mushroom grills. 
Celebrate Father’s day with these vegan delights!!

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