Monday, 30 June 2014

Special July 4th Recipes - Happy Independence Day

Fourth of July represents birth of the United States of America as an altogether independent nation. As this auspicious day is falling on Friday, I am definitely gonna have a great weekend. My sister, her husband along with two lovely kids are gonna pay a visit to my place. The grand day must be welcomed by grand meal. I have already decided the menu. Hence, I will be selecting, quick and easy meal plus the meal that can be pre-prepared since I will like to share nuggets of my life with my sweet sister. They will be landing by brunch time. Just have a look at the goodies, I have decided for them. I will be celebrating Fourth of July with traditional/patriotic meal.
Have a look at my special menu:-
Double Beef Cheese Burger - I will be preparing traditional American Double Beef Cheese Burger. This will consist of two spicy beef patties, with rich American cheese slices plus creamy burger spread. I prefer making this at home. 
The Patriotic Spread/Dip Recipe:-
1 Cup Mayonnaise,
2 Tablespoons sweet relish,
2 Teaspoons prepared mustard,
1/2 Teaspoons white sugar.
Preparation Method:-
Mix the ingredients thoroughly till the sugar is dissolved completely. 

You can prepare the spread in advance to have a good chit-chat time with your pals. I'm doing the same, since I have a lot many things to share with my family. Infact the beef patties can be prepared a night before, we just need to warm it up. What a quick and easy recipe! Beef is my family's all time favorite.
Seven Layer Salad -  This classic potluck salad is a quick and easy recipe, stuffed with layers of veggies, cheese and bacon. You just need placing the greens in glass bowl. Then top it with layers of celery, peppers, onions, bacon and peas at the end. Then spread mayo over the peas. This completely covers the top of salad. Lastly, sprinkle with cheese. Refrigerate for 12 hours for flavors to blend completely. This recipe can be prepared in advance.
Apple Pie Pops - How can I forget the sweet children, Jane and Peter! Kids are very fond of Apple Pie Pops, what a delightful thought. Well hope you liked my recipe, Crunchy Apple Pie. I had prepared it during Christmas and everybody just loved it. Hope these Apple Pie Pops will be equally magical. I will be gifting kids a box full of this amazing sweets. 
This is not all I’ve got many coleslaw, salads etc. to share with you. Stay tuned. 

Happy Independence day!!

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