Monday, 9 March 2015

Enjoy Frozen Dead Guys Day with Hot Cocktails

Here comes the Frozen Dead Guys Day! This is one of the most unique, funny and quirky festivals in the town of Netherlands, Colorado. The festival is a lively one because of it's numerous events. Coffin Racing, Costume Polar Plunging, Ice Turkey Bowling, Parade of Hearses, Frozen Salmon Toss, Frozen Dead Poet Slam etc. are the major centre of attraction. The festival encourages participation in many such activities. There is a bunch of activities for the music lovers also. There are over 20 Live bands, Friday The 13th “Superstition” Blue Ball, Theatrical Wu Shu performance etc. to cheer the crowd. 
There is no doubt that the vibrant festival has earned the title of 'Top Five Winter Festivals in the Country'. What my generation prefers (I am not that old) is Montreal Jazz Festival. However, I can’t look at this fest with indifference. This fest is funny in a weird way, which is all good for the young ones. A music fest is nothing without a bit of intoxication. “A bit” is a lot for such fests, which is nice as you need to beat the chill. Where jazz fests are about cocktails and smoothness, this is all about binge drinking. Hope you enjoyed Thandai, which was one of the best among the traditional drink recipes. This blog is a blend of hot cocktails to break the cold!
Mulled wine
3 star anise,
1/4 cup honey,
4 whole cloves,
2 cinnamon sticks,
4 cups apple cider,
750 ml bottle red wine,
1 zested and juiced orange.
Preparation Method:-
1. Combine the cider, wine, honey, cinnamon sticks, zest, juice, cloves and star anise in a large saucepan.
2. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Pour into mugs. Enjoy!
Peppermint Patty
1 cup Milk,
100 ml Peppermint Schnapps,
1 teaspoon Hot Chocolate Powder.
Preparation Method:-
1. Heat milk in a pan. Pour in a glass when hot. Add powdered chocolate to taste.
2. Add a shot of liqueur and top with whipped cream. Serve!

Enjoy the Fest!


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