Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dance with the Traditional Drink on Holi

Winter in India is a big deal in the Northern part. Winter comes to an end in the month of March which marks the arrival of spring, a season of colors. Years ago, Indians came up with a festival “Holi”. Also known as festival of love, victory of good over evil (unlike Diwali, which is quite sober as compared to Holi) and for some, this is an excuse to meet old friends and family. Well, everybody has their own excuse to celebrate and color anybody they come across. This is the beauty of Holi. Celebrations are day long and in some parts of India it goes on for 2 weeks.

People move out of their houses and go to each others house, throw colors. You can see them everywhere, dancing, laughing, dragging each other to throw colors. In Mathura (around 100 miles from New Delhi) women playfully beat their husbands. Where do you think this energy comes from, as food is cooked from oil which eventually slows people down? May be this Thandai is where all the happiness comes from. Thandai, the traditional Holi drink, is the perfect source of energy and unlimited source of ecstasy which has been a part of the Indian culture from ancient times. Hope you've enjoyed my last blog, Red Meat Recipe. This time let’s dance to the beat of drums and celebrate Holi with vibrant powdered and wet colors and of course the Thandai.

Thandai Recipe
1 1/2 litre milk,
Few ice cubes,
6 peppercorns,
6 teaspoons sugar,
10 peeled almonds,
2 teaspoons fennel seeds,
1 teaspoon  poppy seeds essence,
250 grams sweetened condensed milk,
1/2 teaspoon pinch powdered cardamom.
Preparation Method:-
1. Grind well the peeled almonds, cardamom and fennel seeds to a fine paste and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Strain the mixture well.
2. Take crushed ice cubes in a glass till half and fill the rest with the above mixture.
3. Serve garnished with rose petals. This makes for 12 glasses.
Wish you a colorful Holi!

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