Saturday, 25 January 2014

Food Psychology

In my last blog post “Food That Defines You”, we discussed about how some food items get annealed with your personality so well that people start ordering before you could utter a word to the waiter. Some food items get into our subconscious and become an integral part of our personality.

Food Attitude and Culture

Now taking the relationship of food and psychology further, let me share some intriguing facts or psychological observations that will force you to think. Besides, geography and cultural settings do have a big impact on people’s attitude towards food. Americans, for instance, aren’t very interested in satiating their taste buds, but are more preoccupied with whether the food is healthy or not. On the other hand, French are more obsessed with the taste of the food. In their quest of the healthiest foods, Americans make frequent changes in their diet-plans, and hence become more prone to obesity than French. 

Are You Full? Think Again
Another interesting fact about fooding is that we believe that we eat till the time our stomach is full. Partially true. Actually, a lot depends on the size of plates, serving spoons, bowls, etc. Your stomach only sends you crude messages about your intake. If the size of the bowl is big, there are favorable chances that you eat more than usual. So next time you hit the grocery store, make sure you buy mid-sized bowls and plates. 

It’s Not Just Lunch with Ex

Now, lets talk about the most important part of the day’s meal – Lunch. According to a study, called “It’s Not Just Lunch, Extra-Pair Commensality Can Trigger Sexual Jealousy” by Kniffin and Wansink, when its about ex-romantic mates, having a lunch sparks more jealousy in both men and women than telephonic conversations or coffee. So next time, if you want you plan a secretive lunch with your ex, think again.

These are just glimpses of how crazily different and interesting the food world actually is. As promised earlier, we’ll keep bringing such interesting stuff related to food to you. Stay tuned!!

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