Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Keep Calm and Eat

Life seems to have shaken hands with stress. Getting up in the morning, going to the gym or walk, preparing meal, packing the lunch box, having breakfast, traffic, work pressure, coming back, again cooking, OMG! We always wish for a meal that is quick, tasty,healthy and something that removes stress. All we need to do is smart shopping that helps in quick cooking.
Muesli with Milk - It is often said, milk is complete food. I completely agree with this. It keeps you energetic throughout the day. 
Method 1: This quick and easy recipe needs hardly anytime to prepare. Mix muesli, Greek yogurt, milk and honey (desired sweetness). Place it in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Chill overnight. Sprinkle chia seeds in the morning. Enjoy :)
Method 2: Boil 1/2 cup of muesli and milk. Let it cool for 5 minutes. Top with seasonal fruits!
Healthy Smoothie: Avocado, coconut milk, apple juice and berries make a great smoothie. Though there are variety of healthy smoothies, and you can opt for anyone, this is my favorite one. <3 <3

Spicy Chicken and Vegetable Soup: Spices like ground nutmeg, garlic and curry powder add a kick to the hearty stew/soup. Such spices make digestion strong and also heal the guts. The nutrients get easily absorbed and surprisingly satisfy the sugar craving as well. Adding veggies like carrots, leek, cabbage are always welcomed. With addition of skinless and boneless chicken, the taste is doubled, trust me. Sometimes I even prefer having this light recipe with boiled rice, starch removed, during the lunch. We can relish the yummzz at dinner as well with multigrain bread or gluten-free as per choice.
Greens with Cashew and Ginger Stir-fry: Green leafy vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are known as disease-fighting phytochemicals. They are rich in fibre and reduce weight. And trust me if cooked well, they are very tasty. The technique of preparing yummy green leafy vegetable is the amount of water you use in it. Unless we are preparing curry, broth or soup, use minimum water. Addition of ingredients such as ginger and cashews, give it a gingerly plus nutty taste. Ginger cure various stomach problems. It relieves us from arthritis, menstrual pain, respiratory infections and bronchitis. Ginger tea is widely recommended if one is suffering from cold, cough and flu. Cashew prevents cancer and keeps the heart healthy. It is very good for hair and skin. It keeps the bones strong. A delish stir-fry of broccoli, carrots, pak choi, kale with the garlic ginger blend and soya sauce sooths the taste buds. Cashew is just like icing on the sugar. Delectable blend :P
Enjoy Stress-free recipes!

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