Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Foodie Affair...

Food for love life?? Yes, we’ve got some delights and combos that add your romantic mood. So improve your love life. Just follow these:-
The sensuous feeling - Some food are tempting and enticing naturally. This may be because of their texture or color. Red wine and chocolates are the best you can give your girlfriend on a romantic date. Banana custard, melted oysters and strawberries are perfect examples that tempt your lover because of their shape, smooth texture or vibrant color. Meal if taken slowly with eye contact is really sensuous for the couple.
Romantic ambience - The ambience boosts up the mood. Soft lighting along with pleasant music is what every lover craves for. Lovely flowers and charismatic essence of mild perfumes add to your dinner date. Never go for an overcrowded hotel or busy restaurant. Prefer serene place. Decorate the bottle of drink with red ribbon. It’s a must on every couple’s table. This leads to receptiveness, good memories and finally intimacy.
The chemical formula - The food high in zinc increases the level of romance, believe it or not!! Oyster is the perfect example for this. Variety of oyster recipes ranging from appetizers to main dish casseroles are available. Oyster mushroom soup is a good supper to go with. On the other hand try to include chocolate desserts for an exotic date. The reason behind this is the existence of phenylethylamine (PEA), the so called "love chemical".
Drink in limit - Always drink without an intention to get drunk. Excess of drinking would make one utmost lousy, hence deleting the romantic mood. Drink till you think you can, in a safe manner. Remember no one likes a drunk person, your fiance will not like it either. Champagne is the only wine that enhances a woman's beauty. Sparking or rose champagne placed on a neat dining table, yes, the thought is itself so tantalizing… Caviar go very well with champagne. Caviar is a delicacy composed of salt cured fish eggs.
The balanced food - Relaxing as well as energy giving food must go hand in hand. We feel relaxed while consuming a drink whether it’s vodka, whiskey, beer or wine. On the other hand we need protein to boost up our energy. Contrast does matter. Vegetarians and vegans can go for black Greek olives and sparkling cider. The combo will definitely boost up the romantic mood. Another combo of sweet and sour or dark and salty, adds to your love life.

Just try this!! I’m sure it’s gonna work...

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