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More of Egg-o-egg Facts on The Easter

Easter reminds us of lots and lots of eggs. But let’s see who does not have privilege to eat eggs during this festival. People who cannot afford eating eggs, have various substitutes that will again add to the festive mood. We have some exclusive recipes for them as well. So keep the spirit high..
When to say “NO” to eggs??

1. Home of cholesterol bombs - One egg has as much cholesterol as regular size burger. Yolk is not recommended for the people facing high cholesterol problem.

2. High uric acid - People with high uric acid must avoid consumption of eggs. Since eggs are high in protein, they are likely to increase the uric acid.  

3. Allergic to eggs - These are symptoms one might have to face due to egg allergy. A baby who is allergic to eggs may fall sick or suffer from rashes all over his body.

Signs and Symptoms -
  • Skin problems:- Egg allergy may result in hives, eczema, flushing or swelling.
  • Problem in digestion:- Nausea, belly pain, diarrhea, vomiting and itching around the mouth are the common problems faced.
  • Problems with respiratory system:- A person may have runny nose, difficulty in breathing or wheezing, if he is allergic to eggs.
  • Cardiovascular system problems:- Rapid heartbeat or low blood pressure are the common problems faced by people allergic to eggs.
4. During menstruation - Mostly bleeding during menstruation is increased while women consume eggs.

5. Pregnancy - Egg must be consumed only if advised by the doctor. Avoid par-boiled or raw eggs.

Let’s see what the lucky one’s have in their store on the auspicious occasion of Easter. Here are some ‘Popular Easter Recipes’:-

Easter chocolate candies - Try the rich and creamy chocolate covered eggs and enjoy dark as well as milk chocolate fusion.

Hot Cross Bun Surprises - Traditional Easter rolls are very easy to make but can be made special yet by hiding a pocketful of filling inside each. It is decorated with a cross on top.

Bunny Cream Puffs - These delightful bunny cream puffs will make people of all age group smile. They look and taste great as well.

Easter Bonnet Cheese Spread - A bonnet is made up of cream cheese, pineapple, green onion and basil. It’s a perfect recipe to be served for an Easter Buffet.

Orange-Filled Easter Bread - The orange-scented, pure version of the Easter bread, filled with rich dyed-in-the-shell hard-cooked eggs is marked as an Easter holiday tradition worldwide.

Scrambled Egg Tortilla Cups - Celebrate the Easter breakfast with cheese, potatoes and egg food fiesta with the rich crunch of tortillas.

Finally let’s check out the Nutrition Value (Hard-boiled egg)
  • Serving Size - 100 g
  • Calories - 155
  • Total Fat - 10.61g (16%)
    -Saturated Fat - 3.267g (16%)
    -Polyunsaturated Fat - 1.414g
    -Monounsaturated Fat - 4.077g
  • Cholesterol - 424mg (141%)
  • Sodium - 124 mg (5%)
  • Potassium - 126 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate - 1.12g (0%)
  • Dietary Fiber 0g (0%)
  • Sugar - 1.12g
  • Protein - 12.58g
  • Vitamin A 12%
  • Vitamin C 0%
  • Calcium 5%
  • Iron 7%
Easter comes with hope, joy and warmth. It is a time to get together with family and friends. It is celebrated with great pomp and show denoting rebirth of Lord Jesus. Did you know as per stats, Americans spent more than $2 billion on Easter candies, last year accompanied with good reason. Let’s see the craze this year as well…

Wish you all a very Happy Easter!!

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