Monday, 17 November 2014

Food Ideas on Thanksgiving

Hey friends, hope you all had a yummilicious weekend with my recipe Healthy Turkey Mushroom Burgers. Here are s’more food ideas to enjoy the party to the fullest.
Turkey Muffins (Chocolate Candy Muffins) - One of the most loved dessert on any occasion is muffins. Simply prepare chocolate muffins and top it with chocolate cream. For the beak, you can use candy corn wings. Candy eyes are readily available in the market. If incase you don’t wanna use candied eyes, make eyes using vanilla cone and set a dot of chocolate, that gives the impression of the eyes. These muffins are my all time favorite. The muffins plate will be finished in no time, that’s a promise.  
Turk Turk Sandwiches (Turkey Sandwiches) - The simplest and quickest of all the breakfast to be prepared on Thanksgiving is the turkey sandwich as shown. The sandwich filling can be placed with turkey/chicken slice if you are a non-vegetarian, cheese if you are vegetarian and tofu if you are a vegan. All you need to do is show your creativity this way. Place in sliced almonds for the first sandwich and colorful capsicum for the second and third one. You can use black olives or boiled peas to denote eyes. Cashew nuts may also denote beak of the turkey.

Fruity Turkey Wings with Dip (Fruits with Yogurt Honey Dip) - The heavenly blend of yogurt, honey and cinnamon is gonna drive you crazy. Though you can pair any kinda meat (beef or pork) with this dip, I thought of introducing something extra lite for the fitness freaks. For this, I chose granny smith apples and gala apples. You'll really go gala with the red gala apples. Pretzels sticks denote feet of the turkey. Cutting thin slices of apples and placing in a dish as shown here is a creative idea and a lite appetizers for the people who are really health conscious. 
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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